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Our complete, online Spanish program is ideal for Spanish teachers and schools, as well as homeschools and individuals wanting their children to learn Spanish. Because the Spanish curriculum is customizable and the teaching methodology mirrors the way our first language is acquired, the program is suitable for students of all ages to build comprehension skills easily.


Teaching Children Spanish through a beautiful mobile game! What is FabuLingua? FabuLingua is a language learning app for kids that combines the latest advancements in language acquisition sciences to teach your child Spanish or other languages (coming soon!) in a way that is fun, interactive, captivating and inspirational. FabuLingua has been …


This is my collection of beginner lessons, worksheets, printables, and activities that teach Spanish for kids. I want to help families get started in learning Spanish together! The easiest way to use this starter kit is to print out each section of the eBook (or at least the activities), and read the stories on your computer or device.


Teach Kids Spanish and English words with Painting Pororo Toy Car Fun! Toy learning video for kids, teaching colors in Spanish and English. A great, colorful…


We are the go-to resource for parents who are trying to teach their kids Spanish as a Second Language but know little to no Spanish themselves. LEGAL INFORMATION. This site is owned and operated by Christopher Collie. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a …


In this learning video, your child will enjoy 30 minutes of Spanish language learning for Kids! The topics covered include the numbers in Spanish, Spanish Mo…


This cost includes unlimited online access for 4 children for the price of one for the same language course. Children can learn at their own pace by using the same or different devices anytime, anywhere. Children do not need email addresses. For multiple languages, each additional language course costs $14.95/mo.


To teach Spanish to your child, create a routine that suits you and your child by dividing the time up into experiences that will encourage learning. For example: 5 minutes – a fun song with a meaningful dance. 10 minutes – color a picture and practice pronunciation with an activity. 10 minutes – play a game to reinforce new vocabulary.


The Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids Online Program is the perfect companion to our complete School and Homeschool Programs. It’s a fully adaptable, web-hosted elementary Spanish program for beginner-intermediate K-5 Spanish students. The Online Program includes over 45 original songs to teach kids Spanish, fun games for all major vocabulary …


6 Tools for Teaching Kids Spanish. 1. Games. Naturally games are the first things that comes to mind when we are talking about children. If you can make something into a game then children are more likely to respond in a positive way.


A combination of digital and colorful printed materials keeps Spanish students motivated, enthusiastic, and eager to participate. All these tools save prep time for teachers and enable parents and instructors who don’t speak Spanish to teach the language. Risas y Sonrisas is based on tried and true educational research and over 20 years of …


Here are some simple, inexpensive ideas to learn Spanish with kids at home! 1. Learn Spanish with Kids Through Books. Reading in Spanish together is a perfect way to learn very beginning words or develop semi-fluent kids even more. You can slip a Spanish book into your nighttime reading basket to ease into it.


Games. Browse our selection of original interactive games below that are design to assist parents and teachers with kids learning Spanish. These Spanish games for kids act as fun ways to learn about colors, parts of the body, numbers, days of the week, feelings, and much more “en Espanol!”. Our games currently work on computers and tablets.


Here are some of the best tools for teaching Spanish to kids: Free websites for learning Spanish. Spanish learning apps. YouTube videos. Spanish games. Books written in Spanish (or for Spanish language learners) Of course, you can always sign your child up for Spanish lessons with a tutor, too.


The first option will give you activities and lessons tailored to your preschooler. The other two options allow your students access to their online curriculum and resource CDs. The downfall of this curriculum is that it is quite expensive. The lowest starts at $250 and goes up with each package.


19. Sing. The pleasure and joy of music can make learning Spanish a more enjoyable experience. Using music as a way to learn can help new knowledge “stick” more easily. The combination of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition is almost guaranteed to help you remember, without the stress of “having” to remember. 20.

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